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Transforming your sourcing and partnering activities to create competitive advantage for your organisation

We are procurement specialists, offering over five decades of wisdom and expertise spanning multiple sectors, categories and sizes of organisation. We bring transformational fresh thinking to your procurement challenges. We help you build resilient, sustainable supply chains.

Client story

01. The Problem

Mid-sized Pharma client for whom partnering is a key strategic objective for the company. They recognised the need to further develop their partnering capability to create competitive advantage and achieve their ambitious business goals.

02. Our Approach

A webinar series and e-learning package created a company wide appreciation of the importance of partnering to the client and each person’s role. A advanced partnering capability development programme was designed and delivered to alliance practitioners, applying a blended approach of online resources, in-person workshops and web surgeries.

03. The Impact

The impact of the programme was measured via an assessment. This showed an uplift in partnering capability across the programme participants, supported by testimonials regarding the improved performance in key areas of partnering relationships as a direct result of participating on the programme.

"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration,
wonderful things can be achieved."

Matty Stepanek, Poet & Peacemaker (1990-2004)

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